Fortnite, the Galactus event changed everything?

Have you seen it live? Many had wondered what would happen, but the battle for the Nexus seems to have just ended due to the arrival of Galactus on the island of Fortnite. Our heroes have come together to defeat the abominable devourer of worlds . With the end of this event, a new chapter was also opened for the Epic Games game which from tomorrow will also introduce a new subscription system that will allow all the most loyal players to have many unlockable items at a cost of a small sum. monthly .

Let’s go and see what happened during the event that just ended. As for some time now, a special mode was available to access the event that put players in position, ready to fight the imminent threat of Galactus aboard the Helicarrier . Once the event has started the battle against the devourer of the worlds has begun aboard a fully modified battle bus for the occasion.

Battles against drones, Iron Man, Thor and lasers to no end. This new Fortnite event sets a new bar for in-game live events . The players therefore had to join forces to defeat this threat . But now there is only a 7 hour countdown left and it is unknown what will happen.

Let us know what you think of the event and especially if you have been trying to guess what would happen today. As always, every time the title of Epic tries to evolve and go beyond the videogame media. Fortnite has now become part of the POP culture , and every time there are these events it attracts millions and millions of spectators. What do you think of this event and Epic Games?

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