Fortnite: Master Chief joins the game and is in good company

Now that Fortnite season 5 has kicked off, Epic Games Store’s battle royale fans have begun to explore the news and themes proposed by this new season. What is most striking of all, is the chance to see one of the biggest crossovers that the Epic title has ever proposed since it achieved its success. The loop, in fact, has already made to arrive on the island Mando of The Mandalorian and Kratos of God of War .

These days the rumors of a new hunter have become more and more overbearing, with some dataminers who have also managed to find the first clues about an upcoming arrival of Skins and vehicles dedicated to the Halo IP. The official announcement was unveiled just a little while ago during the awards ceremony of The Game Awards 2020, where we saw the trailer that presented the arrival of Master Chief in Fortnite .

L’arrivo della nuova skin dedicata al leggendario Chief arriverà prima di quanto si potesse pensare. Infatti stando al trailer stesso, Master Chief sarà acquistabile già a partire dalla giornata di domani. Non sappiamo ancora con esattezza quanti V-Bucks costerà, ma potenzialmente il prezzo sarà identico a quanto visto con Kratos qualche giorno fa. Inoltre, ci teniamo a specificare che il trailer ha svelato anche due nuove “guest star” oltre il già citato Master Chief. A quanto sembrerebbe alla festa si uniranno Michonne e Daryl della saga di The Walking Dead. I due cacciatori di zombie arriveranno in Fortnite durante il prossimo 16 Dicembre.

While we enjoy this new announcement related to the new season of Fortnite, The Game Awards 2020 have already given us great announcements and new ones will arrive in the next few moments. What do you think of the arrival of Master Chief, Daryl and Michonne in the Epic Games battle royale? What other characters from the other universes of world pop culture do you expect to arrive on the island of Fortnite? Let us know with a comment in the dedicated section.

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