Also in the course of Week 10 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, a new legendary assignment has arrived, whose five phases are not only quick to complete but allow players to get enough XP to also climb three levels of the Battle Pass.

The weekly challenge in question aims to destroy sofas, beds or chairs in any part of the battle royale island and, as you can easily guess, it is a really simple task to complete. In fact, at any point of interest it is possible to find different objects among those listed in the description of the challenge and in specific areas you can also find large quantities, so as to make the mission even faster.

Here are some of the places in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 in which there are many sofas, beds and chairs:

  • Pacific Park: in each house you can find these objects and just take a tour of the various apartments to complete at least the first two steps of the mission
  • West of Colosseo Colossale: the old outdoor cinema has been covered in sand, but around the area you can find numerous wooden chairs to be destroyed with the pickaxe
  • North of Hunter’s Lair: Pancake Man’s lair is packed with wooden chairs and is a perfect place for this challenge
  • Brughiere Brumose: just like Parco Pacifico, it is another center full of houses and therefore of chairs, sofas and beds ready to be destroyed

To complete the challenge even faster, you can also agree with your friends, since it is a group challenge and therefore takes into account the progress made by users on the same team. One idea is to start a Team Brawl or NFL Brawl (the timed mode that will replace the classic Team Brawl for a while and in which all players wear an American football themed costume) and split up, so that everyone reaches one of the points indicated in the list and begins to destroy all objects that happen to him on sight.

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