Fortnite: Kratos is here! The epic announcement trailer

We have already talked about it extensively during the day yesterday: Fortnite , in its fifth season it seems that it will expand towards and beyond unimaginable boundaries. After a season all focused on Marvel super heroes (and super villains), the intention of Epic Games is already visible in the first moments of this newly born fifth season. After the leaks that predicted the arrival of Kratos , today comes official.

The announcement came just today directly from Sony itself, which wanted to publish the new Fortnite trailer entirely dedicated to Kratos on its social channels . The video of a few minutes contains all the epicness coming from the God of War universe, but also that healthy dose of brilliant madness that continues to give character to the Epic Games battle royale. The features of Kratos go to confirm yesterday’s leaks, but from the trailer we can also see some welcome news.

Le fattezze dell’icona PlayStation, quindi, sono quelle proposte da Santa Monica Studios nell’ultima opera prodotta dal team statunitense. Ad accompagnare lo stermina dei, ci sarà il Leviatano, l’ascia che è già diventata una delle armi più amate dai videogiocatori. Inoltre, le scorribande sull’isola del battle royale, Kratos le farà in compagnia di Mimir, comprimario importantissimo nella prima avventura norrenda sviluppata da Santa Monica.

Besides Kratos, some rumors speak of the upcoming arrival of another great icon of the video game: we are talking about the Master Chief of the Halo saga . At the moment, however, the couple Mando / Bambino from the TV series The Mandalorian is already present on the island. It is about to be a Season 5 really with barrels, and we are only at the beginning. What do you expect from the future of Fortnite? What other world pop culture characters will you want to see in the Epic title? Let us know in the comments.

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