Fortnite: Jet Packs will return with the Galactus event

For several days now the attentions of Fortnite fans have been moving towards the upcoming new end-of-season event. According to reports from Epic Games in this period, players must prepare to experience an event of gigantic proportions , exactly as the enemy that is about to take down on the island of battle royale. Galactus is therefore coming soon, and an old acquaintance of the fans of the title will also return with him.

Let’s talk about the Jet Packs, very important objects when talking about a Fortnite event; since they allow players to freely flutter around the map so as not to miss a moment of the event. To confirm this welcome return in the Epic Games title, it was the same American company that, through the publication of a post on Twitter, confirmed the return of the Jet Packs during the Galactus event.

Tra le altre cose, in questo periodo il team di sviluppo di Fortnite non si sta facendo scappare l’occasione per ricordare agli appassionati l’importanza di questo grande evento finale della Stagione 4. Come era ormai ventilato da un po’, a dare la conclusione a questa parentesi dedicata ai personaggi Marvel sarà Galactus; uno dei nemici più temibili e pericolosi che la casa delle idee abbia mai sfornato sui propri albi a fumetti.

We just have to wait for the next event then, which we remind you already has a date and time that you can find in our other article . What do you think of the return of the Jet Packs in this upcoming Galactus event? What do you think will happen after the Marvel villain hits the island? Please let us know by leaving your comment in the dedicated section.

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