Fortnite is back on iPhone and iPad, how it works and how to get it right away

Fortnite may return to iPhones and iPads soon, but in a different version than in the past. As we know, the video game that started the battle royale phenomenonwas thrown out of the App Store last August after the developer, Epic Games , secretly added an in-app purchase option that offered lower prices. , without paying the usual 30% contribution to Apple for using the platform. The two companies have since been engaged in a legal battlewhich is being watched around the world and could confirm or demolish the monopoly of the Apple store and its payment systems. But now Fortnite could take advantage of cloud gaming to return to iPhone and iPad thanks to the Nvidia GeForce Now service.

How to get Fortnite back on the iPhone and how much it costs

GeForce Now officially launched last February and can stream games to Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Android phones, and Nvidia Shield’s streaming box. According to reports from the BBC , before the Christmas holidays the official announcement of Nvidia and Epic Games should arrive which will sanction the return of the video game on iOS without the need to download the application. GeForce Now will ensure the game runs on Safari – the browser pre-installed on your iPhone – by bypassing Apple’s restrictions on game streaming services. This service allows you to play your personal library of games on any device: laptop, tablet, smartphone, and so on. You can choose thefree subscription (with sessions lasting one hour) or subscription from 5.49 euros per month to play without limitations.

What is the risk with this operation

Microsoft is also working on the same strategy for its XCloud service , not yet available for iPhone and iPad. Apple said that “developers can choose to reach all users on the web through Safari and other browsers on the App Store,” which gives an implicit green light to the solution put in place by the tech giants. In addition , Apple has updated its developer guidelines with specific rules to follow for cloud gaming, although Microsoft has still called the compromise a “bad experience for consumers”.

The result is an absurd and paradoxical situation in which we will be able to play Fortnite on the iPhone only if we can configure Nvidia’s streaming service via the browser . This means that the game could be graphically perfect, as it is streamed from a PC, but there is no guarantee that it works the same as the native app and it could have latency issues or other obstacles due to the “filter”. of the browser.


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