Fortnite has a new gesture with music by Dua Lipa and movements by Hannah Balanay

A new Fortnite emote is now available in-game, based on Dua Lipa’s song “Don’t Go Start Now” and her TikTok choreography.

One of the ways to play Fortnite is by demonstrating the gestures in the game, so you can express yourself with other players in different ways, whether they are poses, movements and / or expressions. Although the dances have always been more popular, mixing popular culture in the Epic Games game and more and more have been added each time .

The latest to be added to the in-game store by Epic has been ” Don’t Go To Begin Now ” which is based on the artist Dua Lipa and her single ” Don’t Start Now “, choreographed by the Australian dancer and TikToker  Hannah “thexhan” Balanay . It’s now available to buy for 500 V-Bucks and a phrase from the song is mentioned directly in the gesture description.

Thexhan posted the dance on TikTok originally in January 2020 , and that’s when it went viral, with many other users posting the video, copying it, and teaching others how to do it. Right now, the video has 6.5 million likes , has been shared 363.7 thousand times and amasses 34.3 thousand comments in total.


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Además de éste, Thexhan cuanta con muchos otros bailes de canciones de éxito que también están disponibles en Fortnite, incluyendo algunos como “Blinding Lights” de The Weeknd o “Toosie Slide” de Drake. Aunque Fortnite tienes más gestos de grupos que no tienen origen en TikTok son de BTS, DaBaby o incluso Rick Astley.

While gestures, and in particular dancing, are very popular, Epic Games has gotten them into some legal bind . In this case they seem to have obtained official permits, but in others – such as Alfonso Ribeiro’s, Carlton in The Prince of Bel Air – he ended up in the actor’s demand for his famous and well-known dance.

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Do you like the new gesture that Epic Games has included in Fortnite ?


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