Fortnite: Fortnite and the Eat Candy event, where to find them?

Fortnite  We must eat 25 candies to complete it

Fortnite presents the Eat Candy event
Fortnite presents the Eat Candy event

F ortnitemares 2020 Halloween event of Season 4 of the Pass Battle of Fortnite and to complete only we eat 25 candies. But theory always sounds simpler than practice, and these candies will be very carefully spread across the map.

We can eat these candies throughout different games, so it will be convenient to take the games calmly and not risk more than necessary in their search. A little advice is to play in a Squad or Duo, since all the candies that our team finds will also count for the particular score.

These candies will always be presented on a pumpkin-shaped container typical of North American culture, with a frowning gesture and a dull ocher color. We will only have to break them and we will get several at random. These candies contain special effects and for their consumption we must have less than 100 life points.

These are the areas of the map where these candy-filled pumpkins are found:

Quadrant D2

Quadrant H2

Quadrant A4

Quadrant C4

Quadrant F5

Quadrant C7

Quadrant H8

Sacred hedges

Sleeping Albercas

Commerce City

Dominio de Doctor Doom

Burning Sands

Señorío de la Sal

With this information, it will be advisable to plan a fall strategy around one of these locations, in order to start the game with a certain advantage over our counterparts. The details of Halloween paint a large part of the visual decorations of the game , on the occasion of the holiday also known as Night of the Eve of the Dead, which will take place on October 31 worldwide.

Under the motto “do not let the grave prevent you from tormenting the living” , the Epic Games team encourages all Fortnite players to complete this challenge. Therefore, it is likely that as the days go by, more and more users will find out where these candies are, and their locations will become a camping zone.


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