Fortnite: Epic Games has sent some clues to Ali-A on the next upcoming Hunters

Fortnite hunter now the Season 5 has arrived and is already getting lots of acclaim from players because it reminds a lot Season some time ago. From a lore point of view, Agent Jonesy has brought together some of the best bounty hunters of all realities, between those who have already arrived and those who have yet to arrive on the island of Fortnite .

Precisely for this reason Epic Games has sent some clues to the well known streamer Ali-A to foment even more the hype for the new Season . In fact, Ali-A received a backpack that seems to recall the backpack seen on Jonesy’s shoulders in the trailer for the Season .

Inside, the streamer has found many mysterious objects on which you can speculate a lot regarding the future contents of the game. Along with the objects, Ali-A also found a message from Jonesy suggesting that all of these objects could help convince the hunters to join the cause.

Let’s go and see the mysterious objects together:

  • Cup
  • Sun glasses
  • Boxing bandages
  • Shark tooth necklace
  • Golden back scratcher
  • Peanut Butter Cups di Reese
  • Astronaut Bananas
  • Cherry blossom tea
  • Anthill
  • Pink wig
  • Red and blue gummy candies
  • Red face paint
  • Rations
  • Mud mask
  • Maple syrup
  • Gold Coins

Among these objects there are some that indicate characters already known as Mancake (Maple Syrup), Reese (Peanut Butter Cups) or Mave (Shark Tooth Necklace), but many others indicate characters not yet known on Fortnite .

Ali-A’s video

What do you think? Who could be the Hunters on the way? Let us know yours …


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