Fortnite: Epic Games gives V-Buck to all iOS and Mac players

It has now been several weeks since Epic Games and Apple entered in the midst of a real legal case that saw as the central argument Fortnite, the very famous battle-royale that has written an important part of the videogame history of recent years, ending even by conditioning the industry and many more or less recent productions. As you probably know, the dispute is linked to Epic Games’ attempt to evade Apple’s internal systems that would require a portion of the earnings from every single cosmetic item sold within the title.

The situation still seems far from being resolved, although between the two companies Epic Games seems to be the one that is paying the most for the recent vicissitudes, and many gamers are still waiting to find out how everything will end. At present, in fact,  Fortnite is no longer available for download from the App Store and Mac Store – and apparently this condition should remain so for at least a year – while all those who had installed the game on their devices before the clash between Apple and Epic Games, have not been receiving updates for some time, to the point that the fourth season of the game has not yet begun in Apple’s shores.

Per ora i videogiocatori iOS e Mac possono comunque ancora giocare con altri utenti Apple che hanno installato Fortnite nei propri dispositivi, con il gioco attualmente fermo all’aggiornamento 13.40 della Stagione 3, Capitolo 2. Ebbene, al fine ultimo di venire incontro a tutti i giocatori ancora interessati alla produzione su dispositivi Apple, Epic Games ha deciso di regalar loro V-Buck seguendo due distinte modalità. Da una parte i giocatori iOS riceveranno un numero di V-Buck pari al quantitativo di V-Buck acquistati tramite App Store e non ancora spesi mentre, dall’altro lato, gli utenti Mac otterranno un quantitativo di V-Buck pari al quantitativo di V-Buck acquistati sull’Epic Games Store e non ancora spesi.

According to the company announced, this massive free distribution of V-Buck began on November 6th and will end on November 9th. Given that the fate of Fortnite on Apple devices is currently still uncertain, Epic Games wanted to point out that all the V-Bucks given away will be linked to the Epic accounts used by the players , so as to allow everyone to be able to spend them on other platforms.

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