Fortnite, Epic confirms the crossover with Marvel; on the web the skin Baba Yaga

Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard recently talked about the crossover between Fortnite and Marvel in the latest episode of the “ This Week In Marvelpodcast .

During the broadcast, Donald has in fact confirmed that their famous battle royale will clash many times with the Marvel world, and that this collaboration will be repeated several times in the years to come.

Speaking of the Fortnite / Marvel duo, the Epic Games dev in fact stated that “This is just the beginning”, and then continued “This is the beginning of many activities that we have planned for the years to come with Marvel, that is, this is not the end. This is only the beginning ”( you will find the complete transmission here ).

A confirmation certainly appreciated by most, eager to see our beloved Marvel heroes in action on Fortnite once again, who at this point will be able to sleep peacefully knowing that the collaboration between these two realities is still only in its infancy.

Sempre parlando di modelli e di collezionabili, menzioniamo ai nostri lettori le ultime novità relativamente alla skin Baba Yaga, modello che dovrebbe essere disponibile a partire dal prossimo 26 di ottobre nello shop ufficiale.

La skin è del tipo “raro”, e dovrebbe essere acquistabile con 1200 o massimo 1600 V Bucks.

What do you think of these community news?
Are you happy that we will still see a lot of Marvel-themed content?
The discussion, as always, is open!

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