Fortnite Ban: the first round between Apple and Epic Games will begin in the classroom on May 3

The Californa District Court has announced that the trial between Epic Games and Apple will begin on May 3, 2021 (8.30am local time). The story is destined to continue for quite some time, in short, but it is still an earlier date than the first hypothesis, that is, next July.

The battle linked to Fortnite is just one front of a larger clash, which involves a plurality of subjects and questions the policies of the four tech giants (that of Cupertino and then Google, Amazon and Facebook), on which today it is a first, historic verdict has arrived that considers them anti-competitive and alarming .

In any case, this is a comparison that has had a great media response, especially thanks to the campaign conducted by Epic Games. And that will in any case have a big impact on various branches of the industry, regardless of who comes out the winner. In short, it is clear that the skirmishes of recent months, between accusations and counterattacks , will certainly not unravel the problem.

In addition to the start date, the court also set some preliminary dates, such as those for the presentations of the two companies, for the rebuttals and for the conferences. The lawyers will have to prepare and provide written reports starting February 15th. Returning to a broader picture, Judge Yovenne Gonzalez alerted Apple and Epic about the fact that the Court is interested in investigating potential overlaps between the case in question and the antitrust issues : for this reason the two companies will have to meet and confer with an advisor on related matters.

The parties must file a proposed agenda already by 15 October 2020. No discount , then, for the ban imposed on Fortnite : the reactions of Epic Games have been considered exaggerated, and therefore there will be no preliminary injunction to force Apple to readmit the battle royale on the App Store, as requested by the software house .


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