Fortnite, Apple denies it wants to remove the “Sign in with Apple” function

In the past few days, Epic Games has created a bit of a stir among its users, stating that on September 11th the ability to use “Sign in with Apple” to log into their account would be removed. When this has not happened, the Fortnite community has expressed some perplexity on social networks . In a post on Twitter , Epic Games explained that Apple changed its mind at the last minute, extending the removal of the feature until a later date. However, the software house has invited users to update their credentials, to avoid losing access to the game in the future.

Apple’s answer



Fortnite-Apple case, the streaming games war is just the beginning


Per provare a fare un po’ di luce sulla questione, il sito specializzato The Verge ha chiesto un commento ad Apple sugli ultimi sviluppi della disputa con Epic Games. Pur non commentando l’ultimo aggiornamento pubblicato su Twitter dalla software house, il colosso di Cupetino ha dichiarato di non aver mai intrapreso alcuna iniziativa volta a bloccare la funzione “Accedi con Apple” su Fortnite. Sembra, dunque, che Epic Games potrebbe aver inventato un problema inesistente per riottenere il controllo degli account registrati dagli utenti tramite il servizio Apple.

L’ultima mossa di Epic Games

A few days ago, Epic Games threw further fuel on the fire, presenting a new document to the Northen District of California, aimed at obtaining the forced reinstatement of Fortnite within the App Store in court . The software house claims that Apple’s latest actions have caused more damage to gamers than to developers. In fact, the data reported in the legal document shows that out of 350 million users with an Epic Games account, 116 million benefited from Fortnite via an iOS device. The removal of the game from the App Store has led 60% of this large slice of the community to leave the battle royale.


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