Fortnite: Ali-A tries to predict Season 6

Fortnite Ali-A- On Fortnite we are still almost halfway through the Season (5 to be precise) but there are already those who are trying to imagine what the theme of Season 6 could be . Among the many is the famous Fortnite streamer , Ali-A , who has tried to bring together some details to imagine a possible scenario for the next season.

According to the streamer, the relationship between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the game is fundamental . As we have seen especially during the last two seasons, the themes between the two chapters are very similar and this leads us to believe that the same will happen for the next Season .

For Ali-A , given that the Season 6 theme of the first chapter was “ Darkness Rises “, it’s very likely that the theme will recur in some form. In practice, the ” Darkness ” (darkness) will once again be the mistress. An important detail for the old Season 6 is the presence as the protagonist of the famous Kevin cube which for months has accompanied, in various ways, the life of the players on the island of Fortnite . During that Season the cube had re-emerged from Loot Lake and had taken possession of the center of the map, having said that for Ali-A it is plausible to return it.

Ali-A’s video

(topic starts at 4:16 )

What do you think of these hypotheses? Is such a scenario plausible? Let us know, as usual, yours …


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