Korean League of Legends team Griffin will be completely disbanded with immediate effect, the organization announced today. 

The announcement came via an ultimately grim message on the team’s official Twitter page . Team Griffin  LoL’s journey   , which many have walked with us, has come to an end,” the org said.

Just two seasons ago, Griffin reached the quarter-finals at the 2019 World Championship. A storybook team full of young potential clients was able to bring the budding organization to the fore.

But since then, the team has lost most of the starting roster from its most prolific years. Many of the players associated with Griffin’s race for dominance through the LCK have gone their separate ways and names like Chovy, Doran and others have spread throughout the LCK.

Eventually, a definitive string of losses and scandals over the past few years has seen Griffin’s fate in the balance. At the end of last season, Griffin found himself again low in the Korean Challengers League, leaving the organization without a place in the LCK.

Griffin è stato infine snobbato di uno slot in franchising LCK che si muoveva nella stagione 2021. Non avere un posto nel campionato che la squadra una volta chiamava a casa e persino dominato a un certo punto è stato sicuramente il colpo mortale per il futuro di Griffin.

Con il team da sogno alle spalle, il viaggio di Griffin LoL è giunto al termine. Vorremmo esprimere il nostro infinito ringraziamento ai fan che hanno supportato il Team Griffin.

L’LCK inizierà il 13 gennaio, con Griffin in particolare che non parteciperà per la prima volta in tre stagioni.