Fall Guys surpasses League of Legends as the game with the most hours seen on Twitch SPORTS-PLAY

Thousands of gamers already enjoy the new fashion game Fall Guys on the PS4 and PC platforms. The developer has already announced that the first eSport has been scheduled for August 28 this year.

This friendly Battle Royale has reached the top position of the most viewed titles on the Twitch platform. Normally, League of Legends stays on top throughout the week as it is the most popular eSport and has a huge player base.

However, the popularity of this game prevailed over LoL. As reported by the Twitch Tracker website, Fall Guys has added more than 29.1 million hours viewed in the last seven days, while League of Legends reached 29.0.

Both titles average a total of 172 thousand active users. Did League of Legends find a competitor? Only time will tell. Dota 2, for example, is not a popular title on Twitch like Fortnite is.

Valorant, another of the new games, sits in position 7 with an average of 87 thousand viewers and 14.8 million hours watched in the last seven days.

Fall Guys targets Android and iOS mobiles according to dataminers

The latest report indicates that the title has reached eight million active players in just its first week. As expected, the big question on the part of the community is whether this game will reach other consoles.

The developer announced that they do plan to release their game on Xbox One and the next gen but that development will still take place. Despite this, the latest leaks from dataminers indicate the arrival of the game on Android and iOS.

User @uguuCyuubi warns that Fall Guys will already have mobile support but that they are still in development. Same situation is lived with the version of Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

“Fall Guys is only available on PC and PS4, if you see any ads for a mobile version, they are scams, ” said the company about it.

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