Fall Guys exceeded League of Legends in views and it responds hostile

The success of Fall Guys came practically out of nowhere. Since it was announced as part of E3 2019, it seemed like it would be a fun title with adorable visuals.

But what no one foresaw is that this indie title would become a resounding success , with several consecutive weeks in the first position of sales on Steam and with a colossal number of users that every day add to their online experience.

The most recent cut that is known shows that at this time Fall Guys boasts more than eight million players on PlayStation 4 and sales of more than two million units on Steam.

There the success figures do not stop, because now we know that the game has displaced League of Legends as the most watched video game on Twitch in the last week, with an average of 182 thousand viewers every day – which places it ahead of the 174,000 that LoL has – and with an estimated 30.6 million hours transmitted – an amount greater than the 29.3 million recorded by the Riot Games game.

Will there be bets on Riot games? The company responds to us

The people in charge of the social networks of Fall Guys boasted the achievement making use of the humor that characterizes the game, as they retweeted the news that GGRecon gave about it and mentioned League of Legends saying that they regretted removing him from his chair , but that if they wanted they could sit down together on the throne .

‘I don’t like the suggestion that we throw you out of your luxurious chair. I’m sure there is room for us to sit together, the Fall Guys tweet reads .

But while the action of the game developed by Mediatonic was friendly, that of League of Legends was hostile , as it replied ‘Good luck on the road ahead! Haha ‘ and accompanied with an image in which a Fall Guys doll is about to enter a path mined with toxic mushrooms planted by LoL’s Teemo .


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