Faker donates 30 million won to fight COVID-19 –

That Faker is the GOAT doesn’t just come from his role in Summoner’s Rift . The three-time world champion and eight-time LCK champion does not cease his gestures and winks outside the game that has given him everything. And now is not the first time he does it.

And it is that Faker has donated a figure close to 30 million won , which at the exchange rate to the dollar would be little more than 27k. And all for a good cause: helping in the fight against COVID-19 . This is how the portal ‘Korean Daily’ gathers this information : “The SK Telecom CS T1 team announced that Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyuk donated 30 million won to the community welfare fund ‘ Fruit of Love ‘.

This donation will be used to reinforce and support the necessary supplies for a quarantine or sanitary material, such as masks or disinfectants, both for medical personnel workers and possible people in risk groups.

And it is not the first time that neither Faker donates nor does it to this same organization. In fact, it already donated to ‘Fruit of Love’ at the beginning of the year, in March , when the coronavirus pandemic began. Back then, the amount donated was double what it is today , about 70 million won .

Faker himself wanted to send a message of support along with the donation: “I want to do my bit to help before the difficulties that citizens face due to the situation generated by COVID-19. That is why I have made another donation. “


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