Eternals LoL: how Effigies work in League of Legends

Riot Games has announced the arrival of the effigies to League of Legends , a new system with which they seek that players can register their statistics and their achievements with their favorite characters and that they have remodeled from their initial approach to adapt them to the feedback they received in your moment.

Once released, each champion will receive two series, each with a set of three different effigies . However, they have confirmed that in the future their intention is to launch more as the statistics that interest the players become clearer. The statistics have also explained that they will start registering once the effigy is unlocked.

When one of the goals is reached, a pop-up message will appear for all players announcing the achievement . In addition, the effigies will be shown to other players in the player overview, that is, both on the loading screen and on the death screen of an opponent if you have participated in their assassination.

The effigies are divided into two types: common and special . The former register statistics applicable to any champion such as kills or epic monsters, but the special ones do register more specific mechanics for each champion. Riot Games has published a document with the complete list of special effigies that you can consult by clicking on this link .

This distinction has been used to determine the price of each Effigy , as common effigies will only be worth 75 RP and specials 200 RP. Each set has three effigies, so the price will vary based on how many of each type there are up to a maximum of 600 RP, which is the price that Series 1 will have.

Completing the goals will grant some advantages , since reaching five within the same effigy will begin to register the personal record of that statistic. But if you also exceed the fifteen goals among all the effigies in a set, your Mastery Badge will be improved , something that can happen several times: once with each series.

The initial cost sets each Champion 2500 blue essences or 225 R P and include common efigies regarding deletions, structures and Epic monsters. The other Series will have to be purchased with RP and that is where the prices we mentioned above come in.

In any case, if you want those of several they have announced the series passes, which will unlock the effigies of all the champions . The Initial Series will cost 14,750 Blue Essentials or 1,350 RP, while the Series 1 5850 RP will cost you 90% off buying them all separately.


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