Epic postpones store update, are Samus and Master Chief coming?

As you know by now, the Game Awards 2020 will be held tonight and Epic Games will also be present during the event to make a Fortnite Chapter 2 themed announcement .

According to the latest discoveries of the battle royale dataminers, it would seem that the development team has mysteriously postponed the regular daily update of the object shop, which takes place punctually at one in the Italian night every day. Incredibly, tonight the store will update at 3:00 Italian time and it is likely that this unexpected change has something to do with the announcement that will be made at TGA 2020. Since the latest rumors point to the arrival of an event dedicated to Halo in Fortnite Battaglia Reale, it is likely that tonight we will be able to purchase a costume dedicated to Master Chief. There are those who argue that, after seeing the landing of Kratos in Fortnite, we may soon also see a Nintendo icon and, since this season is dedicated to bounty hunters (we remind you of the presence of the Mandalorian), Samus Aran would be perfect for a cameo.

We remind you that among the other innovations anticipated by the leakers we find the one on the arrival of a new shotgun in Fortnite Chapter 2 .


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