Epic Games wants to celebrate –

Today Saturday 26 September 2020 the dear, good old Fortnite Battaglia Reale celebrates its third birthday . Yes, 36 months have already passed since that distant September 2017 in which the Save the World game mode made room for Battle Royale, destined to quickly supplant it.

The developers of Epic Games , of course, want to celebrate in the company of all the other players. How? For now it is not known: more details will arrive later in the day, presumably in the early afternoon. But we can already anticipate some content: are you curious?

Actually Epic Games has thought of more than one initiative to celebrate Fortnite’s third birthday. First of all, the challenges of the third birthday will arrive , of which we have already illustrated the missions and rewards. A few free cosmetic items never hurt, as well as bonus experience points. These first contents should debut at 15:00 today 26 September 2020.

Then there will be the BTS concert on Fortnite Party Reale, a must for k-pop lovers. We’re not just talking about the live event, but the various reruns that will keep players busy throughout the weekend.

Finally, today the collaboration between Rocket League and Fortnite will begin, with unlockable cosmetic rewards on both titles. Is there any surprise in the pipeline that we still don’t know about?


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