Epic Games removes police cars from ‘Fortnite’ maps

Protests over racism and police violence in the United States , which triggered the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, have caused major changes in recent weeks and have had all kinds of consequences. If a few weeks ago Lego asked some of its sellers to stop advertising products with figures related to policemen, now it is Fortnite players who have noticed that police cars have disappeared from the video game map.

Fortnite, the free video game from Epic Games , has been a revolution in the last two years. Millions of people around the world play daily on various types of platforms and the Internet has been filled with streaming events and competitions related to video games.





According to the Wall Street Journal , Epic Games’ decision to remove police cars from the game is a response to protests fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement . From the company they consider that it is not a “political statement” but that they want to be “sensitive to current problems”.

No es el primer caso de que se hayan producidos cambios en la industria de los videojuegos debido a las protestas. Hace unos días los creadores de Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, publicaron un mensaje en una de las pantallas del videojuego en la que se podía leer: “Desde Call of Duty e Infinity Ward, estamos del lado de la igualdad y de la inclusión. Estamos en contra del racismo y de la injusticia que vive la comunidad negra. Hasta que no haya un cambio real, no podremos ser la comunidad que queremos ser”.



For its part, at the beginning of the month Rockstar Games announced that it was closing access to the online versions of Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online . A closing that lasted two hours “in honor of the legacy of George Floyd.”





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