Epic Games has been preparing for war on Apple for some time, according to a leaker

The well-known war between Epic Games and Apple began in August 2020 : currently, and for reasons that we will summarize later, it is impossible to download Fortnite Battaglia Reale on an iOS device, and in any case Season 4 is inaccessible. But perhaps the battle would not have started suddenly: indeed Epic Games would have been preparing it for some time.

According to a rather reliable leaker in the sector, Epic Games has been preparing for war on Apple for some time , already for a few months. To reveal it would be the game files related to the FreeFortnite Cup Tournament : a recently held event, available on all gaming platforms, and openly anti-Apple. In the game files the tournament tests were carried out (it is clearly written) on August 9, 2020. However, the alternative payment method within Fortnite (main cause of the ban by Apple) was only implemented on the 13th. August 2020 following.

The tournament itself was then held on August 25, 2020: it is therefore clear, data in hand, that Epic Games had foreseen the tough reaction of the Apple for some time, and consequently had already planned their moves , event included. After all, immediately after the ban, about an hour away, Epic Games published the famous 1984 themed video: how could he have made it in 60 minutes, from scratch, without having clear what he was going up against from the beginning?

Meanwhile, the controversy does not subside, and the war between Apple and Epic Games themed Fortnite has passed in court; difficult to predict for the moment who will win. It all started when Epic Games decided to challenge the monopoly of Google and Apple on the mobile market: their digital stores have a tax of 30% on each purchase. Too much, according to Tim Sweeney , who thus introduced an alternative payment method directly within Fortnite: hence the ban from the Google Play Store and the App Store.


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