Epic Games expands, bought an entire mall

After the constant success achieved with Fortnite, Epic Games has become one of the largest video game companies in the entire industry. In addition to continuing to expand the increasingly huge world of its battle royale, Eppic has also opened a constantly evolving digital store, but the company’s expansion is not about to stop. It is news of a few moments ago the purchase by Epic Games of an entire shopping center .

The announcement came once Epic struck a deal with Turnbridge Equities and Denali Properties to purchase the Cary Towne Center in the town of Cary, North Carolina. The shopping center, with a size of 443,000 square meters, will be set up as the headquarters of the American company. It will be from this place that, starting in 2024, Epic Games will develop all the upcoming Fortnite projects and updates.

Epic Games Store

Il lavori, che trasformeranno il centro commerciale nel nuovo quartier generale di Epic Games, dovrebbero già partire quest’anno, ed è probabile che una volta avvenuto lo spostamento il team di sviluppo si andrà ad espandere grazie agli enormi spazi a disposizione. A parlare dell’acquisizione è stato anche Harold Weinbrecht, il sindaco della città di Cary, il quale ha affermato di essere orgoglioso che una compagnia importante come Epic abbia scelto Cary come base per i propri futuri lavori.

This expansion opens up to possible new solutions, which could lead to a whole series of news in the future of the Fortnite company. At the moment it is still early to understand what the future of Epic will hold for us. What do you think of this surprise acquisition by Epic Games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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