Epic Games does not give up and asks for the reinstatement of Fortnite on the App Store, the losses are already huge

Vincenzo Ronca

The waters in which Epic Games and Apple clash do not appear to subside , after the flame lit by the first one last month and which risks causing serious damage to its own business.

Epic Games has in fact requested the forced reinstatement of its Fortnite on the Apple App Store pending the ruling, which will rule on the dispute between the two giants, which should take place in three weeks. The basic reason for Epic’s request would lie in the huge losses caused by the expulsion of Fornite from the App Store: according to Epic, in fact, about 60% of its iOS users have already abandoned the game.

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Speaking of numbers, of the 116 million iOS players, who make up a third of the total Fortnite users, Epic has already lost about 70 million . A figure that certainly means a huge economic loss for the company. The request has been formally transmitted to the US Court that will deal with the case, we’ll see if Epic will be satisfied pending the sentence set for September 28th .


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Via: IGNFonte: Epic Games Newsroom (Twitter)


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