Epic Games buys a hypermarket to build its future headquarters

Epic Games has gone shopping and has acquired the entire building. The North American company has acquired the Cary Towne Center , a huge shopping center very close to the current headquarters of the company, which is located in Cary (North Carolina). The place will spend the next few years of works, since the new Fortnite house is scheduled to open its doors in 2024. That is, the project includes 3 years for construction and remodeling work.

According to Eurogamer, although Epic Games will become the owner of the Cary Towne Center, some areas may still be used by the local community, Epic Games itself has explained. The history of the also creators of Gears of War and the Unreal Engine has not always been linked to Cary, although it has been there for many years. Tim Sweeney, co-founder and CEO, started his company under a different name, Potomac Computer Systems. In 1999 he moved to Cary and now they have 50 offices around the world.

Epic Games
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Trial with Apple

Tras el éxito arrollador de Fortnite, Epic Games se ha convertido en una de las empresas más cotizadas dentro de la industria del videojuego. Parte de esos beneficios se han invertido en la creación de su plataforma digital, Epic Games Store. Al mismo tiempo, la firma continúa manteniendo una dura pugna legal con Apple, marcada por un batalla judicial que se desarrollará a lo largo del presente año 2021. Mientras que Epic Games acusa a Apple de prácticas monopolísticas, los de la manzana ven una clara estrategia de marketing,

Epic Games Store lleva todas las vacaciones navideñas regalando juegos gratis. Aunque la promoción diaria ya ha finalizado, todavía es posible conseguir el título más reciente, Jurassic World Evolution.

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