Ducati and Riot Games present the new Panigale with the K / DA

Esports are taking on a role of great importance internationally and many big brands are increasing liquidity in the market to ensure visibility in a new segment of the public. League of Legends is certainly the most important example in this sense, given the past and present collaborations with the Louis Vuitton  brand or with  Mercedes . The latest brand (in chronological order) to join the LoL universe was the very Italian  Ducati , which presented the new Panigale in the music video of the  K / DA brand  MORE  .

Who are the K / DAs?

In recent years,  League of Legends has been characterized by continuous evolution, which has made it an important brand and no longer just a game. The characters of the famous MOBA have “entered” to be part of the real world, and the  K / DA are the most striking example. Indeed  Ahri , AkaliEvelynn and  Kai’Sa formed a musical group in 2018, becoming one of the most listened to Korean pop bands of recent times. In 2020 they returned to the music scene with two new singles and a music video of the song MORE , in which the new Panigale was inserted .

Why choose this choice?

Ducati ha fatto una mossa molto intelligente e collaborando con Riot Games e le K/DA si è assicurata visibilità in due grandi fette di mercato. Da un lato ci sono i fan di League of Legends che giocano attivamente al gioco e partecipano a tutte le novità che Riot mette in campo, dall’altro ci sono gli appassionati delle band pop che non conoscono LoL, ma apprezzano la musica delle K/DA. Questo ci fa capire quanto la manovra di marketing di Ducati sia stata geniale e permette al brand d’inserirsi, nel migliore dei modi, in un mondo finora sconosciuto per le aziende italiane. La casa motociclistica di Borgo Panigale will be a pioneer for the other brands in our country that want to invest in exports, giving credibility to a sector that, in Italy, does not convince large investors.


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