Dota 2 had more prize pool than League of Legends without the International in 2020

In 2020 many esports were affected by the pandemic. Some titles like Dota 2 or Counter-Strike had to cancel their World Championships, and others like League of Legends kept their tournaments like Worlds 2020 afloat .



However, The Esports Observer’s list of the 10 esports with the highest prize pool last year has shown us that Valve titles continue to reign against any adversity.

We are talking that the first place is occupied by the popular shooting game  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with $ 14.75 million and in second place is Dota 2 with $ 8.87 million, very close to it is League of Legends with $ 8.00 million.

Photo: The Esports Observer

Riot Games was able to successfully complete its ” Worlds 2020World Championship by bringing together the best teams from each league in Shanghai, China, complying with all security protocols and where DAMWON was finally crowned champion of the tournament .

This event with a $ 2,225,000 prize pool and the champion took home $ 556,250 where players won close to $ 100,000 each. Besides, in amateur leagues and tournaments there were other important prizes for them to occupy third place.

In the case of Dota 2, this year there was no The International 10 and the community was able to raise $ 40 million that was going to be distributed in the World Championship that was going to play in Stockholm, Sweden. They take second place thanks to the large number of regional online tournaments that were played during the pandemic.

Out of them, the list is led by CS: GO, which has become the preferred shooter for viewers and FPS lovers. The 2020 tournament schedule was busy until the end of December and everything was rethought to become regional online leagues.

With this format they remained until the beginning of December where some face-to-face tournaments began. The esports landscape for 2021 looks better. Well, many important esports have confirmed that they will have their face-to-face tournaments where they will bring together the best teams in the world.

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Source : The Esports Observer


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