DAMWON vs PSG Talon Worlds 2020 League of Legends Highlights

The third game on day 3 of the 2020 Worlds of League of Legends found us with, possibly, the most uneven duel of the entire World Cup, with DAMWON Gaming , one of the candidates to keep it all, and PSG Talon, who has given pain in his games against Rogue and also against JD Gaming .

However, the match was a much more fun and even than expected, with Kaiwing trying to surprise  roameando  with Nautilus , first to the middle lane and then at the top, getting two murders and even putting his team ahead in gold. 

But of course, the rival was DAMWON , who quickly adapted to all this, and began to punish PSG Talon everywhere, with objectives and the occasional murder, highlighting Nuguri’s mechanics with a  dive  between the first and second tower of the lane higher. 

Finally, everything was defined again with Nuguri and his Kennen, with a final to four people in dragon, which resulted in an extermination , Baron and the closing of the game . In this way, DAMWON is 3-0 at Worlds 2020 and is practically classified to the next round, the opposite of PSG Talon (0-3), who has three games left before going home.

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