Clash de Worlds 2020: information and calendar

Can you imagine being in Shanghai competing against the best players on the planet? Yes, fight in front of Caps, alongside Nuguri and even give Rekkles an assist. If you’re on an academy or semi-professional team, you may do it one day, but mortals don’t aspire to that.

However, you can feel like them during Worlds 2020 with the new Clash cups that Riot Games has prepared for the entire League of Legends community. What’s more, both are already confirmed.

Clash will have 1 special event with 2 unique tournaments and exclusive rewards for playing them, in a format where 16 teams will compete for Victory Points, as well as a new Premium Ticket and exclusive banners.

Schedule and prizes of the 2 Clash cups of Worlds 2020

To begin with, the 2 Clash cups will be played on 2 consecutive weekends, so if you miss one, you can sign up for the next one:

  • 1st Cup of Clash – Weekend from October 10 to October 11.
  • 2nd Cup of Clash – Weekend from October 17 to October 18

Both cups fall on Saturday and Sunday and will likely start at a different time than Worlds 2020 so you can watch the games and then compete yourself in Summoner’s Rift.


The prizes can be obtained according to the VP (Victory Points) that we obtain. Receiving more or less will depend on our final classification in the Cups:

  • 400 VP – Banner 1 (Cloud)
  • 600 VP – World Cup Themed Logo
  • 800 PV – Banner 2 (Infernal)
  • 1200 VP – Banner 3 (Mountain)
  • 1600 VP – Banner 4 (Ocean)
  • 2000 PV – Championship Logo

In addition, there will be some exclusive Premium Ticket that we can obtain as we progress in the Clash tournament, and we can play:

  • A fragment of a Championship¬† skin (finish from 8th to 15th place)
  • A permanent Championship skin (finish 1st in Clash).

Finally, remember to visit the League of Legends client from time to time when there are a few days left to sign up and be able to compete with your friends in the most important Clash of the year.


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