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Through a partnership between Riot Games and Cisco, Cisco is now the official business networking partner of League of Legend Esports.

In a statement, it is mentioned that the partnership will provide a reliable infrastructure and network capabilities in three global events, and on five continents, which will enhance the competitive experience of professional players, as well as the experience of fans.

Cisco networking solutions will power The Realm, the private game server, to be used exclusively for LoL Esports pro-level competition matches at three world events: The League of Legends World Championship, the Mid-Season Invitational and the Star Event.

“As a technology-dependent sport, it is essential that League of Legends operates on a secure and reliable network,” said Scott Adametz, Riot Games’ head of sports technology. “With Cisco as a partner, we are now able to build and expand the infrastructure to deliver the best possible sports experience to fans and professional gamers around the world.”

For his part, Brian Eaton, Cisco’s director of global sports marketing, said that the manufacturer is committed to redesigning the Internet for the future, where sports have a great impact on that goal. “With the high number of people who are connected every day to work and play, it is essential to have a secure and flexible infrastructure to help ensure the visual quality and speed that will be required in the future,” said the manager.

Cisco will provide Riot Games with a mix of its networking technology, spanning UCS → Rack and Blade servers and Nexus data center switches, which will improve gaming performance and streaming capabilities in the studio. It will also provide a flexible architecture for Riot’s Regional Broadcast Centers (RBC), which will support competitive integrity to serve global esports for years to come, the manufacturer detailed.

Server update

Con la tecnología de Cisco implementada en el servidor The Realm, Riot y el fabricante trabajan juntos para ayudar a los jugadores profesionales a competir en la Summoner’s Rift con un ping inferior a 1 ms, lo que permite tiempos de reacción casi instantáneos y un juego ininterrumpido. Se espera que los nuevos servidores ofrezcan hasta un 200% de mejora en el rendimiento bruto con respecto a la tecnología anterior.

Asimismo se espera que con la tecnología a desplegar los aficionados vean las transmisiones de LoL Esports en casa con un retraso reducido y una calidad mejorada, acercándolos a la acción, mencionó Cisco.

“As we build on the success of our sport’s first decade, we seek to align with partners whose expertise will be a force multiplier to deliver sporting experiences worthy of our professional and amateur players,” said Naz Aletaha, Head of Global Sports Alliances at Riot Games.

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