Bury gnomes in Placentero Park or Mercantile Metropolis in Fortnite [SOLUTION]

The last list of weekly challenges that we will have in this 2020 was released today by Epic Games in Fortnite , and one of the most outstanding topics is the relationship of these challenges with the garden gnomes that can be found as decorations in the game.

We have three challenges related to gnomes this week, and in this guide we will explain how to complete one of them, which requires you to bury them in Parque Placentero or Metropolis Mercantil.


In order to bury Gnomes in Parque Placentero or Metropolis Mercantil, you must first complete the challenge that requires you to dig them up in Parque Placentero or Fortín Ruinoso. Once you have done that, you need to bury two in these mentioned locations. 

If you choose Parque Placentero, you will find several piles of dirt under the trees in the center of the location. Interact with her and she will give you the option to bury the gnome.

The other place where you can bury a gnome in Parque Placentero is in front of the house that is in the northwest of the location.

By burying gnomes in these two locations, you will have completed the challenge and earned another 20,000 experience points for the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass .


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