Broxah talks about toxicity in the professional scene

Broxah used his stream as a window to explain a little more about the context around toxicity in the competitive scene. CLG’s new jungler spoke at length to his viewers about his year 2020 and the many criticisms he has received throughout the season.

Asked about his low level this year, Broxah points to three factors : “It was difficult for me to adapt to the team , until now I had only competed with Fnatic and it is a very different style ; It has also been difficult for me to adapt to living in a new country , away from my family and my loved ones, in addition to the situation with COVID-19 «.

Es en el tercer punto de Broxah enlaza con el tema de la toxicidad: «Hay ciertas personalidades importantes en el sector a los que no les ha gustado mi nivel, y se han encargado personalmente de hacerlo saber numerosas vecves. Hay que tener cuidado, porque estas grandes figuras tienen muchas fans detrás, y sus opiniones o puntos de vista se pueden expandir con facilidad«.

And it does not stop when he delves deeper into the subject: «There are careers of some players who have been ruined by their bad perception or how badly their level has been sold to public opinion. Imagine that, for example, I have a very good perception of myself but everyone says that I am bad, that it is impossible to work with me … »

In addition, Broxah contrasts her situation with that of a little less than a year ago : «Personally, it has been difficult for me to swallow and face depending on what type of toxicities. In my first time at Fnatic, I didn’t feel the target or focus of much criticism, but this has changed with my time at Team Liquid.


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