Boca Juniors enters League of Legends and we will have Superclásico

Although it is far from Spain, there is a game that, worldwide, paralyzes the hearts of the millions of football fans on the planet and that, even if you don’t like sport, it may have reached your ears.

The Superclásico in Argentina is a special match, a moment in which the grass has a brighter green than ever and in which, before the pandemic, both La Bombonera and Antonio Vespucio Liberti were filled to support the club of their hearts .

Boca Juniors and River Plate star in this match, which from 2021 we will not only be able to enjoy on the court, as the Argentines would say, but also in the Summoner’s Crack. Boca Juniors has announced that it is entering League of Legends with an esports division.

The Xeneizes will participate in the highest Argentine League of Legends competition where River Plate , their greatest historical rival, already plays and will compete to be the best Argentine team in the electronic sports category.

The competition, called Flow Master League , has a total of 10 teams and is organized by the LVP, and although River Plate did not win last season, surely the entry of Boca Juniors motivates the ‘millionaires’ to bet even stronger on League of Legends.

Great news for esports, which although it does not affect Spain too much, it will in Argentina, a country that, by the way, already has a professional representative in the LCS , one of the largest leagues on the planet.


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