Boca Juniors announced its arrival in esports in League of Legends and CS: GO

Boca Juniors was one of the greats of Argentine soccer that was missing to fully enter the world of esports ; The club had previously flirted with video game competitions in appearances at some FIFA and PES events. Now the staging will be complete, and is added to the one that River Plate and San Lorenzo are already carrying out .

Now comes the xeneize expansion, after months of speculation and rumors: It will arrive at Counter Strike , where it is believed that it will participate in the same leagues as Club Atlético River Plate, with a competitive roster from the hand of experienced players who have not yet been announced officially.

In the case of League of Legends , Boca is expected to participate in the LVP national tournament, La Liga Master, where it will compete against teams such as River, San Lorenzo, Undead (the current champion) as well as the teams of Guillermo Coria, New Pampas , and Fabricio Oberto, New Indians .

The club has not yet confirmed which players will participate, or in which leagues they will play in 2021: “Very soon from the official Boca platforms the squads that will make up the League of Legends teams, today the most watched electronic sport in the world, will be announced. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the most popular competitive first-person shooter in the region. ”, Concludes the club’s official statement .

The arrival of top clubs is already a reality that exceeds soccer games like FIFA and PES. Club interest in e-sports increased exponentially after the growth of local league numbers and the expansion of specific esports teams such as Isurus, Furious, Malvinas or 9Z. The possibility of expanding audiences and businesses is presented as a tempting world for clubs that in these first steps outsource both the administration and sports management of their digital teams.

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