Boca announces that it will play the League of Legends Master Flow League in 2021

As we reported a week ago, Boca Juniors , one of the most important teams in Argentina, will make the leap to Esports in the 2021 season. At that time we anticipated that their participation in national leagues of League of Legends and Counter-Strike was expected: Global Offensive , and the first one was finally confirmed.

From his new Boca Jrs. Gaming, from the institution itself, announced that in 2021 they will be participating in the League of Legends Master Flow League with “their own official team” and shared the following video to promote it:

Of course, there is still a long time for the beginning of the new League of Legends season, and for the official reveal of the Boca League of Legends team, both with the Trainers and with the players that will compose it, of the which we still do not have any news.

For now, the next Master Flow League is anticipated as an extremely interesting competition, with the first superclassic in the history of League of Legends , since River Plate has been part of the competition since 2020, and the inclusion of other squads related to it. traditional sport, such as New Indians, New Pampas and Stone , led by Fabricio Oberto, Guillermo Coria and Diego Schwartzman, respectively.


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