Banned Aqua World Champion from Fortnite FNCS

In recent days, a particular case has shaken the unfolding of Fortnite ‘s FNCS, one of the major tournaments in the game. The protagonist of this story is the world champion David ‘Aqua’ Wang¬† who, due to some of his behaviors, received a ban of 14 days from the Fortnite competitive . The situation has already deteriorated when a close rival accused him of “spying” on him during the games, observing his live. But this did not prove to be the reason for the ban, indeed initially Epic Games only sent Aqua a warning. This is because during a match he deliberately disconnected from the game to avoid being “scanned” (mechanics ofFortnite which allows its opponents to find out the exact position of their team), thus trying to facilitate their teammates. Epic Games has gone from the warning to the 14-day ban due to some tweets published by Aqua himself on the matter. They would have violated the rules and caused the world champion this punishment. The same player then apologized on social media, especially with his teammates as they will not be able to participate in the finals of the FNCS tournament due to this situation .


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