‘Adidas Gaming Hub’: three days of Fifa and Fortnite with Exeed for the launch of the new shoe | Esports

The world of Esports is now constantly growing and millions of very young people follow the competitions in streaming. Professional players are comparable, in terms of popularity, to football stars, and it is therefore no coincidence that many companies are approaching this world. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to reach that target represented by Generation Z , otherwise difficult to intercept. 

This is the case, above all, of Adidas , which has decided to enter the world of Esports through a partnership with Team Exeed , one of the most followed and successful companies in our country. For over a year Adidas has been the technical sponsor of the professional club, but now the multinational relaunches always relying on Exeed for the advertising campaign of the new ZX shoe . From Thursday 3 December to Saturday 5 December Adidas Gaming Hub Powered by Exeed will be staged , an event aimed precisely at communicating the new ZX model: protagonists are the Exeed players, through which a gaming-level activation of this new product takes place . 

Three days of streaming dedicated to FIFA (Thursday 3 December), Fortnite (Friday 4 December), and then Saturday 5 December to an alternation between Fifa and Fortnite , accompanied by a musical event together with Machete . During the three days, all people registered on a dedicated landing page will be entitled to a 25% discount on the purchase of shoes, and participants will be able to play with or against Exeed players. The whole event will take place on Twitch , live from the PC Hunter space in Desio (Monza). 

“The relationship with Adidas is strengthened even more, and for us it has a particular meaning. The fact that such an important company has chosen Exeed to explore the world of Esports, and to launch a new product on the market, makes us understand that we are on the right path “- says Federico Brambilla , CEO and co-founder of Team Exeed – “Video games are no longer a niche phenomenon, but involve millions of people, especially young people, who represent a fundamental target for companies. Through Esports, and Exeed in particular, sponsors and brands can thus bring future users and consumers closer together, projecting themselves into the future ”. 


Zayn is a very loveable person in personnel realised to write on video gaming back 1 year earlier. He is a player and had excellent skills, which leads him to transform his passion into a career. He has an excellent expertise of gaming, that's why he is right here to share his understanding of gaming with our readers. When he is not composing he is active in video gaming.

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