A rioter encourages a player not to play ranked in preseason

Sometimes it is difficult to answer all the doubts and incidents that the community of a game like League of Legends may have, especially considering the number of problems that may arise.

From adjustments that do not convince some summoners, through the new objects to the ranked ones, which is why the CM of Riot Games Support , a specific account to help the community, responded in a controversial way.

The  rioter in question is Spaghett, and the controversy arises when a user complains that he loses 26 LP when he loses a qualifier, and only gains 13 when he achieves a victory. And the problem is the answer from Riot Games Support.

“Sadly we don’t know the exact number of qualifiers for it to fit. Also, keep in mind that qualifiers are over a long time ago, so there is no reason to keep playing them,” says the  rioter .

The Reddit community has expressed annoyance and dissatisfaction with this message, as they consider that a user should not be answered in this way and that the issue of earning LP’s should be fixed.

A user affirms that the  rioter has been expressed badly , assuring that, anyway , he wanted to say that he did not worry about the gain or loss of LP’s. Either way, it hasn’t sat well with most Summoners.


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