A bug allows applying the effect of the Frozen Heart without having it and while being dead

Despite the fact that the headline does not leave much room for doubt, we are facing another blatant case of “inexplicable bug” in League of LegendsBasically, a rather strange interaction caused by a bug allows applying the effects of the Frozen Heart by making a simple interaction when we are killed.

An easily replicable Frozen Heart bug

The thing is quite easy to replicate. As you can see in the video, when Ryze dies he does NOT have the Frozen Heart bought, although he does something quite curious. As soon as you die, you take the object and then sell it again and get other things.

However, something quite crazy happens, and that is that the players around Ryze’s corpse at the moment he buys (and undoes the purchase) are left with the debuff. In the video, you can see how Brand has the effect applied while cleaning the ward, an effect that disappears only when it dies.

What does this translate to? Well, it’s pretty clear from what Ryze does that it’s not something he did randomly . This is a very important bug that could affect the major leagues, and it is something that Riot would have to fix as soon as possible.

According to one of the most experienced users when it comes to bugs ( Sion guy on Reddit ), with the arrival of the Preseason the way in which the debuff is applied has changed . The rest of the auras in the game are fine, the only object with which you have this problem is with the Frozen Heart.

The best thing you can do? Be very careful if you see that an enemy has one of the Frozen Heart parts made . At the end of the day, they don’t lose anything (they undo the purchase), and you can be at an unfair disadvantage until they kill you.


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