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Only 100,000 spectators separated the 2020 League of Legends Worlds final from a new audience record . The clash between Damwon Gaming and Suning stopped at “only” 3.88 million spectators, not enough to surpass the 3.98 million of last year’s semifinal between G2 and T1 which still holds the title of the most viewed event in history of eSports. There is an important fact that is missing: the number of views of Chinese platforms . The final not only took place in Shanghai but was the only esports event of the year to have an audience in attendance : these two factors, added to the data from the rest of the world, could very well crownthe 2020 final is the most watched event in the world of competitive video games.

The final

That of Damwon Gaming was an almost predictable victory but when, after a first defeat, the Suning managed to equalize, hopes were back high. The Korean team, however, took home another two consecutive victories destroying the hopes of the Suning. The wishes of the Inter players to their colleagues (The Suning Corporation owns both a League of Legends team and the majority stakes of the Milan International Football Club) was not enough because the masters of LPL , the highest competitive league of League of Legends Chinese, they had to go home empty-handed . The cup returned to Korea, the Damwon home region as well as the league that produced the most world champions: 5 since the beginning of the championships 10 years ago. The event took place in the brand new Pudong Stadium in Shanghai and 6000 lucky ones were able to attend the match in attendance . More than 3 million people took part in the lottery set up by Riot Games to try and win a ticket.

The records

If that for total contemporary viewers was only touched, in the 2020 final the record of simultaneous viewers on Twitch (1.8 million) which confirms the queen crown of the Amazon platform for the League of Legends category . Also in Italy there have never been so many fans of the Riot Games Moba: 26 thousand spectators tuned into the PG Esports Twitch channel to attend the final with commentary and analysis in Italian, a new record. Lapo “Terenas” Raspanti and Roberto “KenRhen” Prampolinithey were the casters flanked by a desk of highly respected analysts. Italy has its own (two) League of Legends championships and its teams populate a competition and player trading scene worthy of the international scene. Even at the university level, esports have begun to spread thanks to LoL with universities from all over Italy that sponsor and train teams for the annual competitions between universities that have also been sponsored by Amazon and Intel for two years .

The future

I milioni di spettatori, gli sponsor, le rivalit internazionali e il professionismo dei suoi atleti fanno di League of Legends il re degli eSport ma la sua una monarchia benefica per tutto il settore. Le leghe divise in franchigie (come la NBA in cui le squadre pagano una quota annuale di presenza nel campionato e non ci sono avanzamenti o retrocessioni) il mercato dei giocatori e decine di altre piccole innovazioni hanno ispirato l’evoluzione di altri eSport di successo come Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege e Overwatch. Dopo 10 anni di successi consecutivi i Worlds di League of Legends si riconfermano l’appuntamento annuale in cui i videogiochi competitivi ricordano al mondo che il loro recognition as an official sport ever closer . At the next Olympics in Tokyo, Rocket League and Street Fighter will carry the flag of eSports in the temple of competition, meanwhile organizations and federations from all over the world accumulate official recognition from nations and collaborations to bring electronic competition closer to that month by month. real.

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