17 year old also victims of Venetian children

He contacted children on  Fortnite and convinced them to send them child pornography images. A seventeen-year-old in trouble for having lured children via the internet and convinced to produce images with child pornography content. The investigation, which began last July, was carried out by investigators from the Rivoli (Turin) police station in collaboration with colleagues from the Piedmont and Veneto postal police . Starting last spring, during the first lockdown, the young man used the Fortnite platform to contact children and then moved the communication to Tik-Tok, Instagram and Whatsapp. It was the mother of one of the children (who are just over ten years old) who presented the complaint that started the investigations.

The Turin juvenile court is now dealing with the seventeen-year-old’s position. The file is open for child pornography and continuous solicitation of minors. The young man used the popular video game Fortnite to contact children by presenting himself as a normal playmate. After gaining their trust, he convinced them to produce the images (with mobile phones) from their bedrooms in exchange for money or telephone top-ups, without hesitating to resort to threats in case of refusal. Searches carried out in the Turin and Veneto regions led to the recovery of a large quantity of material.

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